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Full bike as light as 15.9 pounds

Rodriguez Bandito - Lightest disc race bike
As a small builder, we don't get much attention. But even the bicycle press couldn't ignore what we achieved with this bike. A steel race bike complete with disc brakes lighter than any carbon bike out there. If light weight is important to you, and you want a disc race bike, this is your bike!

• Fast - Lighter than carbon bikes
• Versatile - Run up to 35mm tires
• Ride Longer - More comfortable than carbon
• The Perfect Fit - It's just your size!
Hand crafted in Seattle for your unique needs
• Anything else....Just ask!

Full bike from $4,599
See full specifications below

Light, Fast, Versatile, Comfortable - The Bandtio
Think you have to ride a carbon fiber, decal plastered airplane wing to get a light weight bike with disc brakes? Think again! The new Bandito from Rodriguez bicycles is the famous Outlaw's disc brake cousin. It's lighter than its carbon counterparts and offers a better ride, more durable frame, and even lets you ride up to 35mm tires if you like (bike pictured below with 32mm tires). So open up a can of whoop ass and hit the road! This is your secret weapon. It's the ultra-light machine that you've been looking for, and it's available in just one place....Rodriguez Bicycles of course!

Looking for something similar in a gravel bike, but even wider tires? Check out our Rodriguez Phinney Ridge. Phinney Ridge or Bandito, which one is for you?

Rodriguez Bandito Models - - Wait Time: 8 to 10 weeks

Frame Vari-Wall THERMLX
Fork Ritchey Carbon (Whiskey N0. 7 for fender option)
Shift/Brake levers SRAM Force/Shimano Ultegra
Brakes SRAM Force/Shimano R785 hydraulic
Bottom Bracket SRAM Force/Shimano Ultegra
Cranks SRAM Force/Shimano Ultegra Compact
Front Derailleur SRAM Force/Shimano Ultegra
Rear Derailleur SRAM Force/Shimano Ultegra
Cog Set SRAM 11sp/Shimano 11sp
Hubs OEM Sealed Bearing 11sp disc
Rims DT R460DB
Spokes Stainless 14/15G butted
Lacing Pattern 3X
Spoke Nipples Alloy
Wheels Hand-built w/ 3 year warranty
Tires Panaracer Pasela PT Folding (25, 28 or 32c)
Handlebar Alloy Compact
Head Set FSA Sealed 1 1/8" Standard
Bar Tape Black Cork
Seat Post OEM Alloy
Seat Scoop Elite or Terry Cro-mo

About the Bandito Pro

Your choice....SRAM Force or Shimano Ultegra

The Bandito Pro is a bike that just kicks! As our least expensive Bandito, it's a great choice for those looking for light bike with disc brakes, but still want to run 32c wide tires. The look of the bike is classic, the frame is hand-built from extremely light Vari-Wall THERMLX steel, and the SRAM Force or Shimano Ultegra parts perform great at any level of racing. All of your buddies riding the latest 'bridge truss' fad bike will wonder how you kick their butts on that steel bike that a bike. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and performance on a Rodriguez.

Why buy a bike made overseas when you can save money and get the best America has to offer? You can have a comfortable, ultra-light bike hand-made in just your size for less money when you buy a Rodriguez.

Chose the Wiskey No.7 Fork and fender option for just $25 extra.

Gravity fighting options for the Bandito Pro

  • Custom Paint + $100 ~ $600
  • True Temper Ultra-light Blend Tubing + $600
  • Light wheel upgrade + 600
    - White Industries CLD hubs
    - DT XR331 rims
    - Butted spokes w/alloy nipples
    - Compass X-tra lite Tires
  • Custom Sizing + $200
  • Compass 32c Folding Tires + $100
  • Serfas Carbon bottle cages + $45 each
  • Carbon Handle Bars + $250
  • Travel Version + $825
  • Anything else....just ask and we'll price it out

Frame Vari-Wall THERMLX
Fork Ritchey Carbon (Whiskey N0. 7 for fender option)
Shift/Brake levers SRAM Red/Shimano Dura-ace 11sp
Shift Housing Teflon lined
Brakes SRAM Red/Shimano Dura-ace Hydraulic
Brake Housing SRAM/Shimano Hydraulic
Bottom Bracket SRAM Red/Shimano Dura-ace
Cranks SRAM Red/Shimano Dura-ace Compact
Front Derailleur SRAM Red/Shimano Dura-ace
Rear Derailleur SRAM Red/Shimano Dura-ace
Cog Set SRAM Red/Shimano Dura-ace 11sp
Chain KMC X11
Hubs Formula Disc 11sp
Rims DT R460DB
Spokes DT Double Butted
Spoke Nipples Alloy
Wheels Hand-built w/ 3 year warranty
Tires Panaracer Pasela PT Folding (25, 28 or 32c)
Bar and Stem FSA K-Force
Head Set FSA Orbit X
Bar Tape Lizard Skin DSP
Seat Post Alloy 27.2
Seat Selle San Marco light

About the Bandito Elite
(SRAM Red or Shimano Dura-ace...your choice!)

Even though it has disc brakes, it's light, and you'll know it's light! At 18lbs (or less), the Bandito Elite is lighter than almost every $10,000+ carbon disc bike that's been through our shop. It's a great value for a bike of this caliber. The smooth ride of steel, and the comfortable fit of a Rodriguez are now combined with the hydraulic disc brakes. All of this, and the ability to run up to 32c tires on a race bike!!

This bike is ready to go as spec'd, but if you want to fight gravity a bit more, peruse some of our suggested upgrades below.

The Bandito Red is ready to race!

Chose the Wiskey No.7 Fork and fender option for just $25 extra.

Gravity defying options for the Bandito Red

  • Serfas Carbon bottle cages + $45 each
  • Cane Creek 110 head set + $125
  • Light wheel upgrade + 600
    - White Industries CLD hubs
    - DT XR331 rims
    - DT Revolution spokes w/alloy nipples
    - Compass X-tra lite Tires
  • Rodriguez Ultralight Tubing Blend + $600
    Machining off all non-essential frame weight
  • Anything else....just ask and we'll price it out
Bandito Guy

Frame Rodriguez Ultralight Tubing Blend - fully lightened
Fork Ritchey Carbon (Whiskey N0. 7 for fender option)
Shift/Brake levers SRAM Red 11sp
Shift Housing Nokon Aluminum
Brakes SRAM Red Hydraulic
Brake Housing Hydraulic Elite-Link
Bottom Bracket SRAM Red Sealed
Cranks SRAM Red Compact
Front Derailleur SRAM Red
Rear Derailleur SRAM Red
Cog Set SRAM Red 11sp
Chain KMC X11 SL
Hubs DT Swiss 180
Rims DT XR331
Spokes 14/15 DT Butted
Spoke Nipples Alloy
Wheels Hand-built w/ 3 year warranty
Tires Fortezza Senso 28c or Compass 32c
Bar and Stem Deda Superleggaro
Head Set Cane Creek 110
Bar Tape Lizard Skin DSP
Seat Post Deda Superleggaro
Seat Selle Sanmarco Concor FX
Digital Verified Weight 15.9lbs with 32c tires (Size 6L)

About the Bandito Red Lite

It's crazy light, and you'll know it's crazy light! This is our lightest Bandito, and at 15.9 verified pounds, it's among the lightest disc brake equipped bikes available at any price. We've had carbon disc brake bikes come through the shop recently that sell for more money than the Bandito, and side by side, they are all heavier than our Bandito Red Lite. Some of them a few pounds heavier.

Want to have some fun with your carbon riding buddies? If you want to, you can let them lift your Bandito Red Lite and feel that it's actually lighter than their over-engineered, over-priced, over-seas made, disposable carbon bikes. You could then make them cry and tell them that you paid half of what they paid for their decal-plastered airplane wing. What to do, what to do? Maybe you should just smile, leave them in the dust, and let them continue to believe that you are actually Superman on a heavy steel bike with 32c tires.

Don't be fooled by the magazines. If you want the smoothest ride, most comfortable fit, and the lightest bike, Rodriguez is best choice.

The Bandito Red Lite is ready to fly!

Common Upgrades for the Bandito Red Lite

  • Wiskey No.7 Fork and fender option + $0
  • Serfas Carbon bottle cages + $45 each
  • Anything else....just ask and we'll price it out

How'd you do that?
It seems that some people have a really hard time believing that we can get a steel bike with disc brakes down to a lower weight than high end carbon bikes with disc brakes. Actually, it was quite easy to employ the same strategy that we use on our famous Outlaw race bike to a bike with disc brakes. You see, carbon frames have evolved quite a bit over the last few years, and some of those evolutions give us in the steel bike world an advantage. The larger proprietary head tubes and non-standard bottom bracket designs that they've been using actually add weight when compared to the traditional ISO (International Standards Organization) version. On a carbon bike though, it turns out they need the extra 'meat' in those areas, or the frame will fail. On our Bandito we can use all standard ISO parts, and at the same time save a lot of weight on the head tube and bottom bracket areas by using much lighter parts in those areas. So, even if the base frame weight is a little heavier than the carbon equivalent, the overall bike weight ends up less.

Made in USA There are people that believe what's written in a magazine, and people that want to see for themselves. While there have been a few magazine articles referencing the Rodriguez ultra-light steel bikes, we do not advertise in magazines, and no magazine has ever asked to ride one and review it. That's because we don't buy $10,000 advertisements....see how that works? The Rodriguez ultra-light steel bikes sell themselves, and are truly the fly-weight bikes for the person who is not swayed by an "article" written in a magazine (usually opposite the ad for that same bicycle). No longer do you have to give up all the advantages of a custom steel frame to save weight.

Sizes: All of our bikes are offered in 20 production sizes . If you don't fit one of our production sizes, a custom size frame in any model is just $200 extra.

Bandito Guy Nothin' Up Our Sleeve
The Bandito uses no 'tricks' to get the bicycle weight down. Every component selected is un-modified and ready to ride. The published weights are true and verified. The bicycles weighed were a medium size equivalent to a 55~56cm frame and do not include pedals. The frame weight of listed includes the bottom bracket shell, head tube and the dropouts (unlike many carbon manufacturers). There are no proprietary components (forks or bottom brackets) that make the frame lighter, but add all the saved weight back when the bike is assembled for riding.

Our Competition thinks We're Crazy
That's because the Rodriguez Bandito comes with a weight guarantee. I say don't trust, verify. If weight is important to you, and you are spending thousands to have a super light bike, why wouldn't you demand a weight guarantee? Don't trust a brochure, magazine ad or article, salesperson....heck...don't even trust me! Get in writing exactly what your ultra-light bike (or frame) will weigh. If it doesn't hit that weight, get your money back. You'll be amazed at how many builders will not give that guarantee.

My father-in-law always says "Paper doesn't refuse ink", and he's right! Often, these carbon bikes written about actually weigh more than our standard Competition steel bikes even though ours are less expensive. While the magazines churn out articles trying to sell you the newest fad that the big manufacturers want to thrust onto the industry, our customers enjoy riding something that's less expensive, lighter weight, more responsive, more durable, and looks like a bicycle, not an airplane wing.

No Sacrifice!
The Rodriguez Bandito gives you all the bragging rights of having the the lightest disc brake bike, as well as the most comfortable and best fitting bike in the pack. The Bandito rides comfortably like a steel bike because it is a steel bike. You've got to be careful though, one ride and you may be hooked like what happened to Steve.

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