Just your Size!

The pains of poor fit remain long after the sweetness of low price fades away.

Would you buy a pair of shoes that didn't fit because they were cheaper than the ones that did? People do this all the time in bicycles.

Just like a pair of shoes that are too small, a bicycle that doesn't fit comfortably is a bike that doesn't get ridden. A bicycle that doesn't get ridden is a sad bicycle. At R+E Cycles, we're here to help prevent the creation of sad bicycles.

Rodriguez bicycles are offered in 20 production sizes, in addition to our custom offerings. That's more than any other production bicycle. As we developed our NEXT-fit software, we came to the realization that we could fit 90-95% of our customers in 20 production sizes. With our NEXT-fit™ adjustable bicycle, you'll get to try the fit before you buy it as well. If a rider doesn't fit one of our 20 sizes, $200 is all it takes for us to build a custom bike. You might be surprised to learn that even if your bike has to be made custom, it doesn't slow down delivery time.

Fit is guaranteed:
Fit is the most important component in a bicycle, period. We guarantee fit on our bicycles. When you purchase a Rodriguez or Trillium bicycle from us, we continue to work with you on fitting for as long as you need us to. With some companies, the bike is the product, and once you've received it, the relationship ends. At R+E Cycles, we see the delivery of your bike as the beginning of that relationship. We encourage you to give us feedback, and hope that you will work with us further to 'dial in' your fit. Fitting is a very personal thing, and once in a while we work with a customer over the course of years to get things perfect.

"That's Crazy!" says our competition.
Recently, I had my yearly meeting with one of our major parts suppliers. He told me a story that I thought was very telling.

During Jim's meeting with another custom bike maker (we'll call them Acme for this story) he asked the owner a question. "What do you do if a customer purchases one of your bikes from a dealer then doesn't think it's comfortable and they don't want it anymore?" "Nothing I suppose, that's really the dealer's issue, what should I do?" said the owner of Acme. Jim then said "R+E Cycles guarantees fit, and will even build the customer a new bike if they need to in order to make them comfortable." "That's crazy!" came the reply.

What "Jim" said was true. Word of mouth is the main form of advertising that we rely on, and if our customers aren't happy, we work on it until we come up with a solution that works for them.

The owner of Acme is also correct. No matter who makes the bike, the dealer is the one that you have to trust is going to make it right for you.....it's just that in the case of R+E Cycles, the dealer and the manufacturer are the same place.

Team Rodriguez!
Below, Anna - After winning 1st place in an Olympic distance triathlon riding her new Rodriguez S3 road bike.

Read her full story as well as many others in our online customer scrapbook here.

Anna with her Rodriguez S3 and 1st place medal

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