Meet the Staff of R+E Cycles

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Dan T, owner and head honcho

Dan Towle - Owner, Fitter, Mechanic... You name it!

The ugliest one of the bunch is myself. Some people ask me if I'm Mr. Rodriguez when they find out that I'm the owner, but I'm not. I've actually owned R+E longer than he did though. I've been lucky enough to wind up with a staff that can help me organize and implement my ideas over the last several years. I'm obviously too busy to schedule a hair cut, but most customers don't seem to mind. I've been fixing, painting, designing, selling and fitting bicycles for people as long as I can remember. I'm blessed to be able to use my skills in an industry that I truly love. You can also find out more about me all around the site: I write all the articles you see here.

Scott, General Manager

Scott Rock - General Manager

Scott has helped out in many areas of R+E Cycles since he moved here from Illinois. Before R+E, Scott worked at a bike shop while racing, then spent 5 years as a computer programmer. Scott and I together write all of the software that we use in our business. With experience working in the bike industry since 1989, Scott knows just about anything that has to do with bicycles. He is an expert bicycle fitter, retired racer, and phenomenal mechanic.

Theresa, talented painter

Teresa McNutt - Painter

Teresa has been with R+E Cycles since 1995. She is the entire paint department. As a perfectionist, she is also her own worst critic. In other words, she is exactly the type of person you want painting your bike. Teresa paints between 450 and 600 bikes per year.

Dan P, Machinist and Custom Frame Builder

Dan P. - Head Frame Builder, Head Machinist

Dan joined the team as a machinist in 2006. He has made more Bushnell eccentrics than anyone else alive. He is also the guy who makes the Trillium Big Squeeze brakes, the UFO fender adapters, the AL26 derailleur hangers, and, well....all the other parts that we machine and sell.

Dan started helping in the frame shop in 2008 and now he builds most the Rodriguez and Erickson frames here at R+E Cycles! He makes most of the tooling that we use in the frame shop, and over the last several seasons Dan has been the guy building the stoker stems, kid-backs, Makeshift Doohickeys... you get the idea.

Willy Keane, Rodriguez frame builder

Willy Keane - Custom Frame Builder

Willy has been in the bicycle industry for several decades, and has a long history with R+E Cycles. Willy is originally from the Coeur d'alene Idaho area. In the 1980's, Willy was lead assembler and in charge of quality control in the R+E assembly department. Willy and I actually worked together back in those days. In the 1990's he returned to the east side of Washington to run a bicycle shop there for many years, before returning to R+E as a Frame builder in training in 2010.

In 2012, seeking more of an 'outdoors environment', he went to work for Moots bicycle company in Colorado. After 4 years at Moots, Willy had had enough outdoors. He returned to R+E once again in 2016 as a frame builder.

John, head mechanic

John Lehman - Head Mechanic

Although you can't see it in this picture, John is a 6' 6" tall Texan, so he's hard to miss. John's been a professional bike mechanic since 2003. He's also a Rockabilly musician, DJ, and radio personality on KEXP's Shake the Shack on Friday nights.

Smiley, sales person

Dave 'Smiley' Madison - Bicycle Fitter

I often refer to Smiley as the 'sales department'. Smiley has been in the bike industry since he was 16 years old. He's a lot older than that now (the first number's a 3), although he prefers the term 'more experienced'. He's been with R+E Cycles as a fitting professional for years and counting, and has become an integral part of our business. Now-a-days, Smiley performs most of the fitting work and is most likely to answer the phone when you call for an appointment.

Beau, mechanic, builder, photographer

Beau Hart - Mechanic, Buyer and Photograher

Beau comes to us from Tennessee. You might find him in the repair shop; he's an accomplished mechanic. He could also be in the machine shop, machining our eccentric bottom brackets. You might find him in the frame shop as an apprentice frame builder. Beau is a year round bike commuter who has chosen not to own a car. Before becoming an undernourished bike mechanic, he was a starving photographer.

Beau's photography skills and training are used here at R+E Cycles. If you visit our photo gallery you'll see hundreds of photographs mostly taken by Beau here at our shop. As it turns out, in the age of the internet, photography skills are quite useful in a custom bike shop.

Kara, behind-the-scenes wizard

Kara Sweidel - Office Assistant

Kara moved to Seattle in January 2012, coming to R+E Cycles from the warmth of South Texas. She has a Philosopy degree from Texas State University - San Marcos, where she spent time advocating for bicycle infrastructure through various channels, including a brief stint on the city's Transportation Advisory Board. She has been a bicycle commuter since 2007, and is quickly getting used to the geographical and weather differences between Seattle and San Marcos. Kara works in the office assisting Marcie in all of the accounting stuff that needs doin'