Want your Rohloff shifter easier to access?

Pricing: $100 for Rodriguez owners - $125 for Owners of other brands

On a flat bar (mountain bike style handle bar) your Rohloff shifter will look right at home. Most of our customers choose road bike (drop style) handle bars though. We can mount the Rohloff in two different ways when it comes to road bars.

The Rohloff twist shifter is designed to mount on standard flat bars. For road style bars, the design puts the shifter at the bottom of the drops. Several of our Rohloff customers have requested that we fashion a way to mount the shifter up at the stem for easier access as well as a cleaner look to the cable routing. The Rodriguez Shifter Doohickey was born.

The Doohickey is a special part that mounts below the stem on your Make-Shift bike so that the shifter lives right where you can reach it.

side view of Rohloff shifter doohickey front view of Rohloff shifter doohickey