Hi Dan,

I just wanted to thank you and Scott and Chris for spending the time with me on Saturday morning to get our new wheels on and everything adjusted. I know you all spent more time than you were planning, and it was much appreciated! Beth and I rode the tandem over the weekend, and everything is working great. I didn't expect much of a difference with the new wheels, but we both noticed it right away. The Phil Wood hubs are not only incredibly smooth, but the freewheel makes no noise at all when we're coasting! It really feels like the whole bike is Teflon-coated.

We really appreciate the deal you made us on the S&S frame, and the effort everyone made to get it ready for the NWTR. Once again, you have shown the kind of service that keeps people coming back!

We'll bring it in one of these days to figure out all of the disassembly/travel case issues. I'm thinking about the Airliner Safecase for use with tandems. It's 27"x33"x13" and might work well.

By the way, some friends wanted to find out about getting some of the Phil Wood/Velocity Deep-V wheels for their tandem. How much would it be for a set like ours?

Thanks again,

Scott Campbell