February, 2009

I purchased a Rodriguez touring bicycle last year and Smiley was the salesman. I called him a week ago to thank him and tell him how much I am enjoying the bicycle.

I had major surgery on my cervical spine because of a staphylococcus infection of two of my cervical vertebrae. They had to be removed surgically after long treatment with antibiotics and were replaced with a bone graft and a titanium plate. This made my previous bicycle just about unusable for me because of limited neck extension.

Smiley spent half a day fitting me for the cycle I purchased and I have been very happy with it since it arrived here in Costa Mesa. I ride it about daily and last September I rode in a tour of the California Coast, sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation from Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco to the Santa Monica Pier, a distance of 525 miles in 8 days. This bicycle made it possible.

If you need someone to sing the praises of the bicycle and your fitting technique, you may count on me.

Yours truly,

Ronald M. Rothman