From: "Mike Murphy"
To: "Estelle Gray" <>
Cc: "Renda Murphy"
Subject: New Bike
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 11:17:43 -0700

Well you and your staff and your GREAT product have done it again.

I was in to see my Doctor the other day and we got talking about bike's. He said he was looking to get back into riding and was looking at some of f the wall brand that cost way to much. So I told him that we had bought and Tandem and I had one of your (Like riding on a cloud but is as fast as Lighting) Race bikes and that I was very happy with both and that he need to go to the best bike shop in Washington and talk to you. I gave he the name of your shop and left. I went back to see him to give he a hand written card for you and to my surprise and joy he had already gone up to see R&E and you were not there but he talked to Smiley and he bought one of Race Arrows and was very happy and he was going to talk to his wife about a Tandem. I told him to have his wife talk to Renda about riding on a R&E Tandem.

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for taking go care of my friend and it made me happy to see the smile on has face.
By the way my friend name is Dr.Charles *********. Thank you.

Mike Murphy
P.S. Could you send me some of your cards to hand out.