Dear R&E Cycles,
I feel that I just have to officially express my appreciation for the outstanding service I received while shopping for a bike at R&E Cycles. Carla was my salesperson, and she made me feel that it was very important that I find the right bicycle. Not having ridden my bicycle since my Schwinn 3-speed in the 60's, I needed a lot of help... and I got it. Carla was extremely patient in helping me through the process of choosing the bike I would be happy with. I was allowed to take numerous bicycles out for thorough test rides, and then my experience was analyzed after my return to the shop. Everything was explained completely and simply enough for my novice mind to grasp. This treatment was such a (very) pleasant surprise after having shopped at four or five well known bike stores before coming to R&E.

After having spent some hours in your store, I have the distinct impression that all the employees are focused on giving good service to customers. I am so glad that my boss at work told me about R&E, and I am definitely a customer who will return many times.

Donna Coleman

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