January 7, 2010

Scott and gang:

It's easy to say you like a bike when it is shiny and new, but how you feel about it after riding thousands of miles tells the real story. Or put another way, do you love it enough to keep riding it for thousands of miles?

On my commute home last night, I rolled 9,000 miles on my Rainer--still love it!

I like long rides (I can't go fast so I go long) and that was one of the things I told Smiley when I came in to be fitted. We talked about my riding style and goals; and I decided to go with the S3 Rainer. As you know, I was immediately impressed by the quality of the ride. I also noticed I was able to ride longer and climb better as soon as I started riding it. R&E's mantra is that fit is the most important thing and there is no doubt you are right.

My Rainer has now carried me up many a mountain pass and zoomed back down the other side. I've lost count of the centuries and 200K rides I've done on it. It's done RAMROD twice and two one day STP's. I rode it 24 hours straight on a very tough 400K brevet and for 32 hours on a 600K. I even rode it all night last December 20/21 doing a 200K to celebrate the winter solstice (rando craziness). A bike that fits and is comfortable is key to successfully completing long endurance rides. Through all my rides, short or long, I've never regretted my decision to purchase a Rodriguez.

It's also a great looking bike. I get compliments all the time from fellow riders. The seat stay bottle opener is a great conversation piece. I thought I'd never use it, but it actually came in handy during a credit card tour of Eastern Washington last summer. I bought some microbrew beer and didn't even think about whether it had a screw top cap or not--it didn't. My buddy and I were glad to have a bottle opener when we got back to the hotel and were ready for a cold one after a long day of riding!

I also appreciate the excellent service you provide. It keeps my Rainer running smoothly and the good advice and tips provided by you, Smiley and the rest of the staff have made me a better rider. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

I can't wait to get going on my new dedicated randonnering bike. See you soon!

Dan Jensen