Hi Folks,
It has been over a year with my Rodriguez. Sorry, I hadn't written sooner. I took it for a wonderful week down to Eugene, in July, to the Country Fair. Funny thing, I didn't have any neck pain during that week long trip.

Recently, I did the Worst Day of the Year Ride. It is only 18 miles, but I did dress up for the event. I don't think I could of ridden much more then that, not because of the bike but the costume. Someone stopped and took my picture and then put down their camera and said "Is that a Rodriguez?".

So, I thought I would have my friend take a photo of me in costume with my lovely bike. There is a penguin on my head, really, but my friend did a nice job of framing your bike (name).

Thanks, and I plan to be at the festival this week,
Carla Gramlich
Tacoma, WA

Carla with her purple and yellow Rodriguez