"Do you make titanium tandems?"

Yes we do make titanium tandems. Most people looking for titanium tandems think that they are lighter than steel tandems. We can build a tandem from titanium, aluminum or steel. A steel frame can be as light as an aluminum or titanium frame.

Now it is possible to build an extrodinarily light titanium frame that will not break very easily, but the ride of such a frame is horrible. A tandem must be stiff enough to handle the torque that two strong riders can throw at it and not flex around like a noodle. For that reason, you'll find that most ultra-light weight tandem frames are all about the same weight (6 to7 pounds), no matter what they are made of. I wrote an article comparing frame materials for The Seattle Bicycle Paper that can be downloaded here here if you'd like to read it.

Now, there are a few more advantages to titanium that some of our customers like. The first is the fact that there is no paint required. Titanium doesn't rust, so that's a nice feature if you've ever had a bike ruined by rust. This doesn't happen often, unless you store your bike in salt water, but still, if you're looking for good reason...there's one.

The other reason is the fact that there is no paint required ;-) If you are going to have S&S couplings installed in the frame for easy packing for travel, there's no paint to worry about scratching. This is probably the best excuse you can give your significant other to spring for the added cost of the titanium.

Pricing for titanium tandem frame is here.