True Temper Platinum
True Temper created their OX Platinum tubing by taking an aerospace grade of 'air hardening' steel and modifying it to enhance its properties for light weight bicycle frames.

OX Platinum has a tensile strength that is approx. 30% higher than other steel tubing, so we can use much thinner, lighter weight material without compromising strength. This isn't the only improvement over traditional cro-moly though. Air hardening means that the tubing is actually strengthened by the heat required to weld the frame in the heat affected areas.

We've been building with True Temper OX Platinum for years now, and I think you'll find the ride characteristics to be amazing. The price of a hand-crafted Rodriguez OX Platinum frame is less than most custom builders sell their generic labeled, heavier 'cro-moly' frames for. For most people, a Rodriguez OX Platinum frame is the Perfect Blend of performance, light-weight, and comfortable riding.

Weight - weights listed are for frames built for standard road brakes (disc brakes add weight)
A Rodriguez frame built with OX Platinum tubing can be very light. You'll see a few mass-produced OX Platinum frames on the market, and they usually weigh in well over 4 pounds. A Competition Rodriguez Platinum frame in a medium size will usually tip the scales at about 3.5 pounds. In smaller sizes they've weighed in around 3.1 pounds. These are very respectable, true weights that we will stand behind.

Bike weight is important to a lot of people, and for that reason they are willing to compromise comfort and longevity for a lighter weight frame material. There's no need for that. I know that there are a lot of carbon fiber frame makers out there that claim sub 3lbs weights, but realize there's a lot of lying that takes place out there. When we weigh high-end carbon frames on our digital scale, we usually find that they weigh around 3.25 ~ 3.75 pounds just like one of our OX Platinum frames.

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