The lightest steel travel tandem with Di2 shifting

2017 has been a record year for tandem bicycles, and the super light travel tandem is no exception!

Super Light Custom Steel Tandem by Rodriguez

Rodriguez Ultra-light tandems offer many advantages over other brands:

For a decade now, we here at Rodriguez have been known for building some of the lightest tandem bikes on the road. One surprising thing about these bicycles built for two is that they are made of good ol' American steel! Well actually, they are made of the New American Steel. In 2007 we introduced our 25.8 pound Ultra-light tandem and shocked our competition. Since the bike's introduction, we've sold them steadily, and in 2016 the sales increased substantially. For 2017, we've seen almost doubled the 2016 numbers!

Now you don't have to sacrifice weight to have the durability, comfort, and superior performance of a hand-built steel tandem.

In the last 2 years, we've seen most of these bikes go as travel versions using the S&S couplings. This adds 2.7 pounds of weight, but we've been busy shaving weight where we can and now have these incredible bikes down to a science in the travel version as well. I thought it was time for a highlight on one that's just coming through the assembly dept. now. This one is a Shimano Di2 version, and has a few weight adding additions, but still comes out incredibly light!

The Current Tandem at Hand
The Weight Break Down on this bike goes like this:

Including the above list of weight additions, final weight on this bike will be 32.5 lbs once the included lightweight custom steel stoker stem is installed (33.25 lbs as pictured). Our ultra-light tandem models come stock with a temporary adjustable stoker stem that is heavier. Once the stoker's fit is completely dialed in, measurements are taken of the final preferred position and a lightweight steel (titanium in the case of the Record Tandem) fixed position stem is built to replace it.

Realize, when I quote weights, I'm quoting verified true digital scale weights that we will stand behind with a 'no bull' money back guarantee. This oneclocked in at just 33lbs 4oz with the adjustable stem and the other options.

Lightest tandem bicycles for travel

This Rodriguez Travel Tandem with Ultegra Di2 is not only great looking, but only weighs 33lbs 4oz as pictured here with the Gate's Carbon Drive timing belt and some other upgrades that add some weight. Subtract 3/4lbs when the included ultra-light stem replaces the adjustable.

TRP Cantilever brakes

Lightened couplers and braze-ons all around help to keep this flyweight tandem one of the lightest, best performing tandems available today. This customer also chose to add rear rack braze-ons for light touring. At Rodriguez, your bike is really 'your bike'. Just tell us what you want and we will make it happen!

If you or anyone you know, has been considering a high-end tandem, ultra-light or not, we ask you to consider a Rodriguez Custom Tandem. We build every tandem by hand, custom for its owners. We've been doing it longer than anyone else too. Since 1973 we've been building our tandems right here in Seattle's University district. We'd love to be your tandem shop.

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