Smiley and the gang-
Just wanted to give a big thanks for the wonderful bikes. We're one month into our year long adventure, and (knock on wood) everything's been pretty smooth. The bikes have been fabulous, and so far have been through Canada, Italy, Spain, Morocco and now most of Western Sahara. I know you guys have a page on your website of pics and links to folks using your bikes, and we'd love to be on it. I'm including a couple pics for that purpose, and cause they are good pics of the bikes :).

I did have a couple questions. First, I've had some issues with the EBB. I get the chain tension adjusted, crank down the tightening screw quite tight, and within a few rides, the chain is loose again. Sometimes just a little, sometimes quite a bit. Is this something I need to be adjusting that often or am I doing something wrong? Do I just need to get the tightening screw really tight? Second, can you give me the specifics of the chains we have, ie make, model etc so I can get the proper replacement when needed? I only had one other thing to mention on the build and that's that the routing of the rohloff cables interfere with the mounting brackets for the water bottle cage under the frame. Taressa's almost works, but mine's a complete no go. Not a big deal, but something to think about.

Anyway, been loving them, and enjoying the long days of touring. Check out our website now and again when you get the chance. and feel free add it to our info on your site if you get the chance to put us on it.

Thanx again!!
Steven and Taressa

Steven and Taressa riding their bikes in their wedding clothes

Blue and Black Rodriguez travel bikes on the train in Europe

The happy couple and their bikes in the Sahara Desert