Hey Smiley-
Here’s a note from my Dad, Cliff, who bought the orange bike from you last Saturday. We got in about 26mi on Sunday, and today was his first day out and about in Eastern Oregon. He’s just a couple months shy of 76 but sounds like he’s 8 when he talks about that bike!!

Thanks again for your help-

This is a letter that Cliff (photo below) wrote to his son, Paul.

Hey, Paul,
I did in fact get out on the road up Tutuilla Creek, turning around at the 9 mile point (per Cateye), then back toward town, up and over Tutuilla Ridge to highway 395, thence home for a total of 17.3 miles, elapsed time 1:23. Obviously not very fast, but I sure enjoyed getting out there. I saw 3 deer run across Tut. Rd. ~50 yards ahead of me, then 4 more beside 395 across the road from where Brandts used to live. A great morning, but the long sleeve UA was overkill before I got halfway through the ride. Needless to say, I'm very fond of this bike. Still mulling over the name issue. We'll get it settled soon though. Temp here today 93.

Love, Dad
PS: Note the F. Moser shirt, in good shape after all these years.

Paul J's dad heads out on his first ride as a Rodriguez owner