Hey, fellas & crew,

I just want you to know how nice it is to have found this diamond in the rough. A friend had this just 'laying around' and loaned it to me because my Kona dew plus was stolen. I brought it in a couple of weeks ago, and you serviced it STAT, and I have to tell you, I really walked out of the door feeling part of the 'team'.

It's super humbling how nice and receptive all of you were. I'm so proud to have been educated about this frame, and thank you for dialing her. She screams! I never thought I'd own a road-bike like this, as my little sister and I come from downhill/mountain bike backgrounds. It was really nice to meet you, and I just wanted to share some quick pics, as I'm very proud to have her as my means of transportation/commute everyday Feel free to share any of these if ya want. If not, no biggie! I'm just stoked to own this rad vintage frame.

Smooth sailing,
buddy Pat

Patrick's New Bike 1

Patrick's New Bike 2

Patrick's New Bike 3

Patrick's New Bike 4