March 13, 2014

The bike arrived late yesterday afternoon....The bike is beautiful!  I got it all assembled and onto my work stand last night.  Everything seems to be working well and the fit is just what we expected.

We did get out for a short ride.  Nancy loves the bike.  We will tell you more next week.  We are going to Denver tomorrow for the opera (Rigoletto), to visit friends, shopping etc.  We will be back home Monday and hopefully she will be able to really test out the bike then.

July 8, 2014

Hi Dan and John,

We just returned on Thursday from a 4-week self supported (but not bike camping) tour in Ireland and had no problems with Nancy’s bike.  We had unusually good weather and didn’t even have a flat tire.  We rode every day for 23 straight days.  Our long days were 60-70km but we also did some shorter days and some loop rides without panniers.  Total distance was a little over 600 miles.

We are leaving for Seattle this coming weekend and plan to stop in next Tuesday to meet the staff that did such a great job configuring and building Nancy’s bike.

Bob & Nancy.

PS:  Here are a few photos of the Rodriguez from our Ireland tour:

April 2, 2014

Here is a poem Nancy wrote about her fine new bike:

My New Little Pony, Pegasus, Peggy for short, sings a medley of tunes as I ride
not the usual steed, expertly crafted just for me, a treasure, to remain at my side
Steely, luminescent green, glittering as I spin
the roads, byways, highways, and I grin
What tune will she hum today?

  Spinning wheels over the country side,
changing my mind, as I ride.
Singing a lilting, living song,
I could peddle all day long.
Singing a tune, as a go on my way.