Dear Estell and Dan and SBR Boys,
We made it coast-to-coast- Hooray! After arriving in Bar Harbor, Maine we rode south to Boston, where we are now, seeing the sights! The bike is in the shop (Belmont Wheelworks. It's a great shop and was recommended by those wonderful guys at Seattle Bike Repair) getting a tune-up. We plan to go by train from here to New York City and Wash. D.C. then get back on the tandem and ride down to Florida where the weather will be warm! :-) We are having a fantastic time!

We really, really want to thank you both, and Tim, John and Larry at SBR for all your help and effort since we've been on the road. As always, you've given us outstanding customer service and we appreciate it so much! When our rear wheel began to fall apart, we were really afraid our trip would be greatly delayed - and there weren't a lot of places we could find that could build us up a wheel between Wisconsin and Vermont! It meant the world to us , and truly saved us! - that you were all so willing to help us, despite the long distance and shipping factors.

We are thrilled with the new wheel- it's gorgeous and as solid as a rock! We don't expect any future troubles with it in the next two 4600 mile legs of our adventure. Thanks again for being there when we needed you and going way out of your way to provide superior sevice and workmanship! :-)

Please stay in touch- drop us an email sometime! We should be home in time to go to the tandem rally next spring - where is it this year? Also, Estelle, I loved your article about the woman's triathalon. I am inspiired to attempt it next August - after this journey I'll be about as fit as I'll ever be, I imagine, so I think I'll give it a try!

Take care and Thanks Again!
Becky Anderson and Louie LeGrand

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