October, 2007

Don't Blink!
or you'll miss Lee's ascent to the top!

How many people, during just their second season of racing, win several state championship races? What if I told you I know a woman who not only achieved this, but she also won the State Omnium in Master's category. I'm not done yet! During her first (yes first) Cyclocross season, she took second place overall in the series. Even with all this achievement, I've never heard Lee Smith brag (so I'll do it for her). In fact, I know that during all of these wins, she spent a lot time working for her team.

A few years ago, Lee ordered up one of our S3 racing bikes. She retired her original Rodriguez bike and started road racing. Now she's the one to beat, on the road or off, if you so dare try.

Lee works as a freelance software consultant and has a passion for cycling. She was a competitive rower in a past life, and as you can see form the photos below, she maintained a lot of the definition.

After the back to back seasons she's had, I asked her to send me some photos to share in our scrap book.