Dear Friends at Rodriguez Bikes!

Thank you for creating the Pearl White Rodriguez I'm now riding!!! It is fantastic!!!! It has quite incredibly transformed bicycling from the previous century to the present!!! You see, since 1957, I have been bicycling on my trusty Blue Schwinn three speed Racer - I've always treasured this bike - my first "full-sized wheels" purchase in Madison, Wisconsin as an 11 year old. But, it just wasn't a bike for a 58 year old wanting to pedal the Seattle hills and bike paths.

In September 2004, I walked into your shop just to look around and see what was new - I had seen your ad about fitting bikes for women in a Seattle magazine and thought maybe, just maybe this is where I could find the right bike upgrade! And I did!!!

I had no idea what an incredible difference the Rodriguez "Pearl" could make with it's light weight, great design, terrific gearing and, ergonomic synergy of frame size, seat and handlebars!!!!! Thank you soooooo much for the expert set-up that created this gem! I'm loving every riding moment - and feel the energy again of being a kid in 1957 - pedaling like the wind !!!!

With great thanks,
Kristi Rennebohm Franz

Kristi's letter. Text below

Kristi With her Rodriguez