Thanks for the quick turnaround on the documentation. I've glanced at it quickly on the iPad here and will print it out as soon as we're home. We just got back from Ray's Boathouse and really enjoyed the place.

You and the group have the earned the trust we have placed in you. Your collective patience, expertise, and flexibility has been has been a true pleasure to deal with. We very much look forward to receipt of the finished bicycle and using it for many, many miles and years!

Please give some thought to the number "40". I can't help but feel that it should appear somewhere on the frame to commemorate the business's anniversary. Perhaps a very subtle fade paint next to the chrome label? I'm not particularly good at this and am open to suggestions if the idea merits consideration. Just let me know.

Thanks again for the time and effort you spent with me previously and with Susanne and I on this visit. I'll think of you every time we grunt up a hill somewhere... and while we scream down the other side!

All the best,