November, 2014

Hi Dan:

I've had the bike now for a few weeks. I swear every time I start riding her she feels a little more comfortable. As I had hoped, the experience is tending towards the epitome of my best dreams of riding. The level of comfort is fantastic and I have none of the old aches and pains that my old mountain bike used to torture me with. I can't blame any faults on the bike anymore either. She allows me to sense then confront my own weaknesses. She's made my whole experience more efficient and enjoyable.

I decided to return to Mongolia last week. I'll be here at least until June which will take me through another Siberian winter. So far at morning temperatures of around minus 20 degrees Celsius, the bike functions continue to improve little by little. Although, I've had to change to standard pedals to accommodate different shoes so my feet can endure the cold throughout my 1-hour rides. Any longer than one hour, frostbite becomes a real threat.

Take care, Dan. I hope you will keep in touch with me.


Jeff M.

Update: February, 2015

Hey Dan:

Even after 5 months of riding, I still stare at the photos of my new bike that you posted on your website. I love this bike!

I hope you and your family are well. Have fun at the bike show. I wish I could be there to see all you guys from the shop.

Jeff M.