October 2014

Hey, guys, just discovered your page about the "2014" Tandem, and loved it. In fact sent a link to family and friends.

We're now at 5 1/2 months of ownership and 2100 miles down the road.

So, how is Little Red handling? Overall, well. It steers fine after getting used to the (mostly small) differences from our earlier tandems.

Stability: excellent. We really like the low center of gravity. Also, it handles a side wind slightly better than other bikes, due to the low profile. And, except for when we forgot to double-check the tightness of the last two couplings, it has had no flex or shimmy.

Braking: excellent. The front drum is amazing! Rim brakes doing well too.

Rolling resistance: acceptable. No question, there is more friction with the Rohloff, but we wouldn't change it since its other advantages greatly outweigh that.

Acceleration: excellent, noticeably faster than other bikes due to the smaller, lightweight wheels.

Stoker seat post: excellent, don't leave home without the Cirrus shock absorber! Louise loves it!


Louise and Jeff

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Rodriguez 2014 travel tandem

Here we are outside a supermarket with ~35 lbs of groceries added to all our gear. You knew there was extra weight on there, but Little Red did fine.

The next three shots are comparisons with a Bike Twosday that was parked in MA. Owners were busy elsewhere so didn't get to compare notes with them.

Rodriguez Model 20/14 travel tandem next to a Bike Twosday tandem

Bike Friday tandem comparison to the Rodriguez Model 2014

Tandem Twosday next to a Rodriguez Model 2014 with Rohloff hub

BTW, too bad we didn't get to talk to the Bike Friday owners with the good sense in color schemes. But two things stand out, looking at the side-by-side: first, Little Red looks stronger and stiffer, given the stiffening tube, the higher top tube, and the much higher connection point on the steerer tube of the top tube. Second, we are very pleased that you found a low rear rack. That standard rear rack on the Bike Friday now looks ridiculous to us, with its much higher center of gravity and wind resistance, especially to side winds.

Rodriguez 2014 travel tandem

Last shot is Little Red on a diet. After we finished our 9 weeks of cottage stays and prepared for touring most days as we head to Wash. DC, we mailed home the front rack, panniers and stuff we decided to live without, 10 lbs in all. We really appreciated the lighter feel in hilly New England.

Two more for you. The first is everything we took East when we flew: the two suitcases went as checked luggage and came in at 49.5 lbs. each, with the bike, bike shoes, the medium-sized front panniers (empty) and a few small items inside. The large rear panniers were our carry-on bags to go in the overhead compartment of the plane, the rack trunk and handlebar bag our "small personal bag / handbag." The second photo is another view of Little Red after we sent home the front rack and front panniers with some excess luggage. It was taken at the Town Commons in Newbury, Mass.

Rodriguez tandem bike Model 2014 packed into 2 small cases

Rodriguez Model 20/14 travel tandem bicycles