I just send you an email pic of my brakes and they are the same as your drawing, I think.

I LOVE my Rodriguez. The first day I rode it, it felt like slipping on a glove - and it still does. We've done a month-long tour in France, Luxembourg & Germany, a tour around Lake Ontario and across Niagara Falls (the river, actually), tours on the C & O Canal, the Great Allegheny Passage, the Katy Trail, the Silver Comet Trail and the Chief Ladiga trail. That's not counting all the other little 3 or 4-day trips on the bike.

I put different tires on it last year - ones with a little more tread but the same width. It really is a wonderful bike. I may ship the frame out to you to repaint some winter, if I can find the time between tours. I use it around town and on our own St. Marks Trail and on the coffee rides our group rides (retirement is great!). I've used it to get groceries, go to art shows and exhibits and my grandson has used it for short rides. Great bike.

Thanks again,
Jane Mann