August 23, 2017

Thanks for sending Dan! We just got back yesterday from Glacier National Park. To cut to the chase, WOW the Quad keeps expanding what we thought of a vacation. Our first ride was from R&E on a snowy December evening back to our house. This summer we took it camping locally, completed the STP, and now successfully took it on public transportation. Our trip to GNP started with a ride to King Street Train Station. After a night in a family sleeper car we arrived outside the park and began assembling the bike. Because Amtrak has a 50lb weight limit we bundled the bike into a couple of small packages; otherwise the whole bike would have fit in the red trailer. We biked the 12 miles to our campsite with all our camping gear and 5 days of frozen food in a soft sided cooler. Anyway, long story short, everything worked perfectly. Thanks again. Next up is art travel, just don’t know where yet.