October 9, 2014

Hi here!  Got back recently from my first bike tour from Ashland OR to San Francisco CA using my new Rodriquez UTB.  The trip was part inland and part on the coast.  A couple days later I rode to the top of Mount Diablo near San Francisco.  Attached is a photo of the bike near the top of Mount Diablo - a leisure 3,500 foot climb to the top.  The custom fit is awesome.  I am super comfortable riding the brake hoods.  I've ridden the bike down some very steep hills and I have yet to experience any shimmy.  The bike rides super smooth, even with 2" tires and fully loaded.

The bike has received a lot of compliments the past year.  Even though I was trying to make the bike "not stand out", nonetheless it does!  I'm very glad I got the S&S couplers.  Although I have yet to pack the bike for airline travel, I've dismantled the bike a number of times to fit into the tight trunk space of a number of small cars.  I went with the standard Tektro Oryx brakes.  At first I wasn't too happy with the brakes.  However, I replaced the stock pads with cartridge Cool Stop pads and the result was night and day.  No need for disc brakes.

The only thing I would do over again is have the frame "Rohloff" ready up front.  I had an opportunity to ride a Rohloff bike recently and I was very impressed.  Since then I've become very intrigued with Rohloff. If the day comes that I make the leap to Rohloff then I'm confident that you folks can handle the conversion properly.   However, after getting back from the tour I took off the racks and accessories and installed some skinny tires and I was impressed by the low weight and nimble handling of the bike as is.  Given that this is my only bike, it is more than adequate for some quick rides on our hilly roads here in southern Oregon.

Thanks! Sincerely,
Herbert H.