Hi Scott,
Fred and I went last Saturday on a 60 Km maiden voyage here in Mazatlan. This is the first time he was able to really put his new bike to the test. All I can say is that he's ELATED! On this bike, he's going something like 20% faster and he reports that he's not even putting any more effort into it. By the way, he also said that the DaVinci/Sram derailleur performed beautifully. I had the same experience earlier in the week when I took it on steep hills after some initial adjustments. Obviously, let's not rush into conclusions just yet. We'll continue testing it and will give you an update in a few weeks.

You'll find attached some hi-res pics of Fred's bike completely finished and also of my new fork installed. You're welcome to use any of these pics in your website to go along with the pictures of our bikes already there.

Thank you,