July, 2015

Smiley, the MakeShift Rohloff rolled all over STP and I had a great time. Thanks again for all your patience and hard work! I beat my previous best time 9 years ago by more than four hours thanks to your help.

Also saw a bunch of other Rodriguez bikes and tandem bikes out there on the ride and told them all to say hi to you, man.

So, you must get tired of stubborn customers coming back to you and telling you [that] you were right all along, but having ridden that, I now understand why you recommended drop bars! I was passing all the carbon fiber guys on every climb (of course these were all two day riders and I'm sure the fastest guys all did the one day) but then they would all streak by me on the downhills as the headwinds would catch me full.

If you think of it, let me know when the season slows down for your shop a bit. I'd love to come back in and convert my handlebars back to drops. Don't worry, I have a good place in mind for the six pack bars that are on there now; I think they will work great on my Bike Friday. I would switch them myself but I think I'm going to need different brakes and a longer brake cable too to go back to drops.