I will be seeing you guys soon when we pick up the new stoker stem, but I couldn't wait to give an update on my latest adventure on my Rainer last weekend: I completed the SIR 600K brevet in 35h 36m--well within th 40h time limit.

I had very little fatigue--could it be because my frame fits me perfectly ;)? 27 hours of saddle time did cause a tired rear end, but the rest of me held up just great. I never thought I'd ever attempt a ride this long, but with a frame that fits it is not as daunting a challenge as I'd imagined. As always, I got compliments on my beautiful bike.

Dan, you should be very proud of your excellent staff--you've built up a first class operation. I always enjoy coming in to the shop whether it's for repair, maintenance or just to visit. Thanks for making great bikes--I'm proud to own a Rodriguez. I can't say enough good things about it and the excellent service I get at R&E/Seattle Bike Repair.

Dan Jensen

PS-Terry is loving the tandem and already wants to ride beyond the 50 miles he always said was going to be his max. I'm trying to rein him in a bit so he doesn't burn out. I won't be surprised if we end up getting him a Rainier of his own next year.