< Cris G loves his Rodriguez UTB and wants the world to know

Hi Dan,
I hope you're keeping well.

I'm writing to let you know that I'm so stoked with Rodriguito! It's performing flawlessly both on paved roads and gravel (no tours planned until some time in August. It feels really comfortable... sooo smooth!

BTW, I couldn't contain myself, so I posted it on the Bike Forums and gave you guys props for the job you did. I think some builders don't like to get involved in this kind of discussions and that's OK, but you can at least see follow it and see what people are saying. There might be things you possibly may want to add to your UTB page on your website.

I really think you have a really versatile and fantastic product with the UTB. It simply needs to be put "out there." I remember finding little info on it on the internet other than what you guys offered on your site. Things are bound to change now! You guys really have the ULTIMATE TOURING BIKE... and it's not just me saying it! :)

Take care,

Full shot of the Red and Black bike Closeup of the Front Hub CLoseup of the front triangle closeup of the crank arms Cris' bike in front of a fountain closeup of chris' red and black spiral bar wrap closeup of the rear wheel full bike again, from the front