Hi Dan,

First of all, thanks for talking to me the other day about my bike. I went for a 70 mile ride on Sunday with 3,000 feet of climbing and didn't have any problems with my knees or my butt (which was chafing a lot before). I attribute it to your fit and my tape measure. I didn't change the pedals or the shoes. My average was 13.8 whereas a year ago, I would be lucky if my average was 12.3.

I love Theresa's paint job and hope she recorded the formula for the colors (I still have the touch up bottles if you need them) because I'd like her to repaint my bike the same way.



P.S. Beth wrote to me again and she is so excited about her bike. I can't wait to see pictures of her on it, or holding it!

Finally, I don't know if you saw our team picture: Your Rodriguez logo is on both orange side panels.