Dear Dan, Scott and the R&E team,
I have been using the Trillium Big Squeeze brakes for about a year now and couldn’t be more pleased with them.

When I first got my ‘Cross bike it had standard cantilevers on it. When braking I had to apply a huge amount of force to the levers just to slow down let alone to stop quickly. This was not so bad, as it was good exercise for my hands ;-), but the problem came when I switched over to my road bike with dual pivot brakes. The modulation was so much different and braking power so much greater with the dual pivots that I would frequently lock up my rear wheel and nearly went over the handle bars once.

I remembered talking with you some time ago while looking over the prototypes for the Big Squeeze brakes and discussing the merits of patenting them. (I’m glad you decided it was worth it) I decided to try out your new technology and see whether they worked a good as the idea sounded.

I am happy to report that these brakes might function even better than the idea sounded. The modulation and braking power is nearly identical to my high end dual pivot brakes. This makes switching from one bike to the other so easy, natural and so much safer for me.

Thanks for making such great products and having such great people working at R&E.
Brad C.