"Can I put fenders and wide tires on this bike?"

Out in the bicycle world, most manufacturers haven't caught on yet that some folks (like us out here in Seattle) like to run a little wider tire and maybe some fenders. Of course we still want a light-weight, high performance bike (not a hybrid), but everyone seems to make their high-end bikes for short reach brakes with no room for fenders.

For this reason, a lot people who would really like a 'go-fast' road bike compromise and choose a Cyclocross bike or a Touring bike so they can run fenders.

Why compromise? At Rodriguez, we make all types of bikes, including 'go-fast' road bikes that easily accept fenders and wide tires.

The Rainier Series
For those of you who want 'fast and fendered', we've gone the distance when it comes to high performance bicycles designed for fenders and wider tires. We've designed and imported our own specific carbon fiber forks that allow easy installation of full fenders and wider tires. This keeps the overall bike weights very low, while at the same time allowing us to use a long reach brake.

The maximum tire width with a fender is 32c. The bike shown on the Rainier description is using 700 X 32 with full fenders.

No more compromise, the choice is yours!

To Fender, or Not to make the call.

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