T11 Ulta-light wheel upgrade

For Rodriguez Competition and the Rainier models

Weight Savings
(vs. stock Rainier wheel set):

Total weight savings = 693 grams or (1.53 pounds)

The best place to save weight on any bicycle is in the wheels. This is because wheels are spinning weight, and therefore subject to the laws of 'rotational mass'. In other words, lightening your wheels will make you faster, and your ride easier.

With the T11 Wheel upgrade, you get more than just a lighter wheel set, you also get White Industries T11 hubs. Not only are they extremely light weight, they are superior quality, American made hubs that should last you the life of the bike. Choose silver or black.

This upgrade includes White Industries T11 Road Hubs, Stans Alpha 340 rims (Sun M14A for 650c bikes), light weight Serfas folding tires, and ultra-light tubes. You'll save just over a pound and half but it will feel like four and half because it's rotational weight. And of course they're still hand built by our master wheelbuilders, and come with our 3 year Million Mile Warranty.