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Meet the Mechanics (Below)

Listed in order of height

John is our head mechanic.
Although you can't see his face in this picture, he's a 6' 6" tall Texan, so he's hard to miss.
John's been a professional bike mechanic for 7 years and counting.
He's also a Rockabilly musician, DJ, and radio
personality on KEXP's Shake the Shack on Friday nights.

Scott(6' 3") is the repair manager, but he helps out in many other areas as well.
He moved here from Illinois where he worked for 5 years as a computer programmer.
Scott and I together write all of the software that we use in our business.
With 18 years in the bike industry, Scott knows just about anything that has to do with bicycles.
He is an expert bicycle fitter, formerly retired racer, and phenomenal mechanic.

Jeremy is a 6' 'evenish' renaissance man from Philadelphia, Texas and New Jersey originally.
Jeremy is a skilled mechanic, and loves to read (I see him reading all the time).
He is also an Opera singer with a degree in Opera.
Jeremy is 'no-car' commuter, and a great addition to the shop.

Beau (shorter than Jeremy) comes to us from Tennessee.
You might find him in the repair shop, he's an accomplished mechanic.
Or you might find him in the frame shop as an apprentice frame builder.
Beau is a year round bike commuter who has chosen not to own a car.
Before becoming an undernourished bike mechanic, he was a starving photographer.
As a matter of fact, most of the good photos on our site were taken by Beau.

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